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  • Alora Carter

A New Beginning

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Once upon a time, I was working, after years of schooling, and felt creatively stunted. I had no hobbies, and though I had fun, hadn't done anything expressive. Cue the pandemic, which helped narrow the focus and clear the calendar, and I picked up reading again. Thanks to Author Rachel Rener, I fell back in love with books, and wondered if I should write any.

She said yes. I believed her.

I argued that I had no story. And she told me to write anyways. So I did.

92K words later, I have a first draft that needs some TLC and refining, but I am pleased to report that it's finished. I am so happy, and my little creative heart giddy and freed. It's under editing and I hope to get book 2 started soon.

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