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SHHH It's a surprise!

Fact: Author Rachel Rener is not only a great human, she's a great Author.

Fact: She consistently goes above and beyond to mentor, guide, and lead the next generation of authors. She also works her tail off behind the scenes to support others.

Fact: Her book 4 of the Lightning Conjurer Series The Reckoning releases September 13.


We must surprise celebrate her and her new release!


  1. All my shop is dedicated to her books and her swag. All profits go directly to her, not me.

  2. Party Time on Facebook!

  3. Buy all the new released book!

And more....

Please go read her series, then hop on Indie Fantasy Addicts to celebrate this incredible person.

It all began with Angel, and blossomed with the help of Constance. Thank you to Allegra, Sara, Laura and Chris for everything you did. And thanks to all over her enthusiastic fans!!

Stay kind,


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