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The Little Morsel

Rachel Rener & Alora Carter

A whimsical short story about a irascible, ancient dragon and a human he found his doorstep on their journey to find applesauce...

and purpose.

Originally in

 The Ashes:Legends Never Die

Indie Fantasy Addicts Anthology

Released on its own 2.2.22


$0.99 E book

Paperback and Hardback 


At The Core Series
Core Values

 Alora Carter

The life at stake is her mothers, the power at stake is her own.


When seventeen-year-old Callie's shallow roots are violently ripped from beneath her she must control her powers while keeping them secret. Can she save her mother, avoid exploitation and not explode herself or her friends with her newfound magic?

Releasing 2022

Image by Hal Gatewood
Image by Martin Brechtl

Core of Resistance

 Alora Carter

Trapped, suppressed and betrayed Callie finds herself under the thumb of Emmanuel Sisero. Head bad guy, pure evil and...running a research hospital for the vulnerable and impoverished? Callie struggles to trust, forgive and find her purpose, lest she be used and abused under the will of others forever.

Releasing 2022

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