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At the Core

Fantasy, Magical Realism, Portal, Magic School, Coming of Age

When Callie's shallow roots are pulled from under her, can she find her spine, save her mother, avoid exploitation and not explode herself or her friends with her newfound magic?

The Little Morsel

Fantasy, Second-world, Humorous, Short-Story 

Written with Rachel Rener.

Releasing this fall in the Indie Fantasy Addicts Anthology! 

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About Alora Carter

Jack of all trades, Master of none, Still trying on hats. 

Born in the foothills of Colorado, this sun-child now writes, and works, and wifes in the midwest. When not chasing her toddlers, she creates interesting worlds with vivid characters who face difficult challenges.


Spoiler alert: Good wins, love conquers all, even if it might not look like it at the time.

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    Sun, May 01
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    May 01, 2022, 5:00 PM EDT
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    Love book #1? US TOO! Join us for early reading and the next release of this gripping series!

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