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Where good wins, love conquers all, and science is magic.

Forest Scene
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The Awakened Prince

A betrothed prince. A mysterious maiden. A secret that could destroy the kingdom.

When the fairy returns for revenge, Killian must overcome his fears and fight for his father, his throne, and the woman he loves. He cannot afford to fail now, or he will lose them all.

The Awakened Prince, a retelling of Sleeping Beauty, is part of Once Upon A Prince, a multi-author series of clean fairy tale retellings. Each standalone story features a swoony prince fighting for his happily ever after.

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Explore new worlds with an overpowered teen, or a cranky, ancient dragon.

23-008 Alora Carter The Awakened Prince (2) new cover.jpg
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Spiral Staircase

The Awakened Prince

Betrothed and miserable. Trapped in the forest.  Can they find each other and save the world?

A sleeping Beauty retelling. Killian must find his way, but the way is forbidden. 

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The Secrets Mirrors Keep

A perfect princess. The evil queen. Her plan to save the kingdom

A Snow White retelling from the perspective of the Evil Queen after she has poisoned the princess.

Redemptive. HEA. Dark Fantasy romance.

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The Little Morsel

Fantasy, Second-world, Humorous, Short-Story 

Fall in love with a cantakerous dragon and his found human. 

Written with Rachel Rener.

Find it here on my website!

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Swept Away
Originally in Adamant Spirits Charity Anthology

Fantasy, Magical Realism, Romantic Fantasy

Titania has life planned out, unless an unwanted field trip or an unexpected partner throw it off. But if the dam falls, will Titania's heart fall too?

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At the Core
Book I and II

Fantasy, Magical Realism, Portal, Magic School, Coming of Age

When Callie's shallow roots are pulled from under her, can she find her spine, save her mother, avoid exploitation? Meanwhile, will she be able to master her magic, before she explodes or will she destroy them all?

Coming 2024

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About Alora Carter

Jack of all trades, Master of none, Still trying on hats. 

Born in the foothills of Colorado, this sun-child now writes, and works, and wifes in the midwest. When not chasing her toddlers, she creates interesting worlds with vivid characters who face difficult challenges.


Spoiler alert: Good wins, love conquers all, even if it might not look like it at the time.



The Little Morsel

I am really impressed with this fresh approach to draconic personality and especially the treatment of elderly, disabled dragons within a draconic community! I never would have considered elderly or disabled dragons doing anything other than going off alone to die. I was also pleasantly surprised by the plot twist in the human village. The authors have excellent imaginations, and wonderful skill in sharing it, for sure! I love it, and I love both Feral and Morsel! I hope to read more about them at some point!

- Jennifer - 

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